This web site is dedicated to George Keener's fabulous art work.

Several of Mr. Keener's paintings have been ranked in the top 100 paintings in the annual National Park Academy of the Arts contest. During the first year of that competition, 1987, Mr. Keener placed one painting in the top 100. In all, five of his paintings have placed in the top 100 and eight in the second 100 in this prestigious contest. Mr. Keener's talent for art has been applauded in many articles in Atlanta, Georgia area newspapers for several years. He has also been featured on CBS's Good Morning Atlanta show.

The 77-year old artist is also an extraordinary guitarist, superbly rendering the styles of Merle Travis and Chet Atkins. He loves Country Gospel music, and he and his wife, Dottie, have performed duets at churches throughout the Southeastern United States for over 30 years. Additional information on Mr. Keener can be found in our press section.

Check out the gallery for a sample of Mr. Keener's remarkable landscape paintings. We know you will be impressed! If you would like to purchase one of Mr. Keener's paintings, please see our ordering section.