Some Funky Music

Below are a couple of tunes I put together recently. I hope you enjoy them

  • D Minor Ditty, a Keener Original, played in an Open D tuning. I really enjoy tunes in a minor key, perhaps because they are not the norm.
  • D Major Ditty, and another Keener Original (as far as I know). This one is also in Open D.

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  1. johnkweber said,

    November 15, 2010 at 5:12 am

    Your D minor ditty is awesome. Such great sound, I also love the guitar you are using. Just priced them here in South Africa, one would need to earn a fortune to get anything like this in SA. The price was just over R20 000 which in our terms is more like 5 times the average monthly salary. One day when I am a big boy however I will get myself one of these Multiacs.

    Thaks for the tune. It is awesome.


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