My Godin Classical Autographed by Buster B Jones

I have been blessed all of my life: a wonderful family, numerous great friends, knowing several truly exceptional people, having several talents, having a good income, and so on. One blessing I use a lot is my Godin Mulitac Nylon SA guitar autographed by none other than the legendary Buster B Jones. Below is a picture of Buster signing it:


My late Dad would have envied me of this, as he thought the world of Buster.

Buster set the action on my Multiac to perfection, so it plays wonderfully, and he played it for several days to make sure it was broken-in good.  Here is a picture of him playing it:


I’ve had this guitar for a couple of years now, and I have been very pleased with it. If you are looking for a new guitar, I can highly recommend Godin. I must say I am also very impressed with Kirk Sands Guitars, and would like to get one of those, too. They are more expensive than the Godin guitars, but are the choice of all the top players. Perhaps I will be writing about having one of them one day, if the economy ever gets favorable again for retirees.

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